Do You Need Commercial Portable Toilets for Your Site?

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Do You Need Commercial Portable Toilets for Your Site?Our team here at A&B Portable Toilets, Inc. knows that most people have had to use portable toilets before. Many people encounter them at outdoor events, such as concerts or festivals, at facilities such as campgrounds, or even at work or school when the main facility is being renovated. If you need portable toilets for any reason, you can turn to us to get the solutions you are looking for.

In this article, we will focus on our commercial portable toilets and review a few ways to determine whether you need them for your site.

  • No Permanent Restrooms – The easiest way to tell if you need commercial portable toilets for your work site is to look at the existing permanent restrooms. If there aren’t any permanent bathrooms available, then you need to rent portable toilets. This situation is most common for construction sites, since you are generally building the restroom facilities along with the rest of the building. Even if permanent restrooms do exist on your site, you will most likely need to rent portable toilets for convenience’s sake, and to avoid disturbing the homeowners or employees of the building by using the ones indoors.
  • Inadequate Permanent Restrooms – The other main reason why you might need commercial portable toilets for your site is because the existing restroom facilities are inadequate for your needs. For example, if your construction site is far away from the rest of the campus, it’s wise to get portable toilets to spare your employees a long walk back and forth whenever they need to take a restroom break. To give another example, if you are hosting an event for 5,000 guests, and the venue’s permanent restrooms are designed to serve just 1,000, you’ll need to rent portable toilets to meet health and safety requirements.