What to Expect When Ordering Portable Toilets [infographic]

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If you have never put on an outdoor event or run an outdoor worksite before, then you may be wondering how to go about ordering portable toilets for your guests or workers. Fortunately, our team at AA&B Portable Toilets, Inc. is here to make it easy for you—we’ll take care of most of the work. Below, we’ll provide an overview of what you can expect when ordering portable toilets.

What to Expect When Ordering Portable Toilets

  • Call Us – When you need to order portable toilets for an event venue or project site, start by calling our team. From there, all you’ll need to do is provide some basic information about how long you will need the toilets and how many people will be using them, and we’ll figure out how many you need.
  • Set a Time – During our call, we’ll ask you to choose a date and time for us to install your portable toilets for you. Then, at that time, we’ll bring the toilets to your site and set them up for you.
  • Installation When we come to your location to install your portable toilets, we’ll first help you choose the best locations to put them. To choose the right locations, we’ll look for spots with level ground, but we’ll also consider the flow of foot traffic around your site to figure out where people are most likely to need a restroom. Then, we’ll set up your toilets, installing a containment tray below each one to catch any leaks. Finally, when you no longer need portable toilets, simply call us again to have us pick them up for you and dispose of their contents.