When to Rent Commercial Portable Toilets

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It’s common to see portable toilets at large outdoor events or on construction sites, so you might think those are the only times when you can use them. However, commercial portable toilets can be nicer and even larger to be used in other situations as well.

When to Rent Commercial Portable Toilets

Here are a few times when it makes sense to rent commercial portable toilets:

  • Renovations: If your building is being renovated and the restrooms are temporarily out of order or unreachable, you will still need to think of your occupants or employees and their needs for restroom facilities. During these times, you can rent our commercial portable toilets as a temporary solution until your renovations are complete.
  • Expecting Extra Guests: If you are expecting extra guests, such as an additional student body on your campus, and your existing restrooms will not be sufficient for the surplus of people, you might need another solution. Commercial portable toilets can be conveniently placed for easy access, and you won’t have to manage long lines of people waiting to use the facilities.
  • Inaccessible Building: If your building is inaccessible for emergency purposes, but you still have access to the grounds, commercial portable toilets can allow for additional comfort and convenience during these difficult times.

Commercial portable toilets come in many different models and sizes and can even accommodate families, if needed. We can help you determine the best number, size, and model to fit your needs. You can give us a call if you would like to learn more.